Our Team

As its Said “The difference between success and failure of an organization is a team.” and we are very proud of our TEAM, the group which stands tall with the organization in its thick and thin. The success of our high-performance business is extensively leaned over the team ethics, passion, allegiance and coordination. The leaders of organization always keeps the team motivated, offer encouragement, and sets the pace. With the great enthusiasm, the team members maintain the great coordination and strong communication among each employees working at the desk or deployed on a field for the smooth functioning of the business.

Pukhraj jain
Founder & Chairman
Sandip Jain
Dharmendra jain

Our team brings the wide variety of the experience, the company been managed by three-generation core members, that brings a lot of value to the problem solving and serving clients efficiently. All our employees are well trained and equipped with the swiftly changing innovative technologies of the cotton industry. The office of DP cotton is not just a workplace, it’s a place where we share a sense of value and consider all as a family. To keep the high team spirit, we conduct annual cultural programs, arrange office holiday trips and gel well with each other over a coffee. We work as ONE team, ONE Moto: “to collectively be productive and drive the company forward”.