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The versatile team of DP cotton strive to make a better living for the textile industry community. The organization is managed by three generation family member which brings tons of experience, value, innovation and new tech-creed for the business growth. The company established in 1994 and within a short period of time it had acquired major international market share with its commitment, dedication and delivering high-quality customer services. Now we’ve our presence in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA, Australia, West African and Brazil.   The team of DP cotton AIMS high to reach each and every corner of the global cotton market and serve the best quality service for the community.

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There is no substitute for experience and the success doesn’t happen overnight regardless of any business, it comes with experience and commitment of the team. The journey of DP cotton has been a rollercoaster ride. Our chairman Mr Pukhraj Jain, begin his journey as a commission agent in 1971 when Ahmedabad was emerging as Manchester of India. From leveraging the opportunity in the early days and 25 years distinct knowledge of the textile industry, he began the new journey and DP cotton was established in 1995.

Success in the cotton market brought Mr Dharmendra Jain and Mr Sandip Jain in the business of DP cotton. In the initial years, they worked across India to make their in the domestic market and acquire the share in huge Indian textile market. The belief and experience made them explore more and year 2004-05 company entered an international market. since then there is no stopping for DP cotton. Since then our business is been functioning in major textile capital countries like China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA, Australia, West African and Brazil.

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It’s been here, it’s here and it’s going to remain forever. Customer experience has become the only true differentiator for business success. Building great customer relationship and serving them in a best possible manner is the key to the success of DP cotton. From domestic to the international market, we aim to provide the most feasible and efficient solutions for distinct business working with us.

DP cotton stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of customer experience. Alongside being the best cotton exporter in India, we’ve been highly appreciated and applauded for the prompt services and instant customer support in the international market too. Moving from words to action Mr Shrey Jain, the youngest in the management, highly emphasis on customer satisfaction and tries to resolve the issues and problems faced by the company all within 24 hrs.

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In our business process culture, the CUSTOMER comes FIRST. From the DISCOVERY to DELIVERY we keep our clients in a synchronization to have an efficient, effective and hassle-free business relationship. Our organizational approach for every client remains dynamic, keeping things simple and organized. To serve better each day, we understand the requirements of our clients, try to maintain organizational structure, create a strategic planning, deliver a high-quality product with over the year extensive experience.

We take equal measures for collecting cotton and delivering to clients. Our field team visit the farm and bring the cotton bales samples which are then tested in our highly equipped testing lab. This entire process is quantified and measured to improve the quality of the cotton bails we export. Customers are provided tested reports to keep them assured for the quilty of our service and product.

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