Our Journey
Dp Cotton
Our chairman Mr Pukhraj Jain is a veteran of the cotton industry, he joined the cotton industry as a commission agent in 1971 when Ahmedabad was emerging as Manchester of India with a single vision to serve the cotton industry the best. With 25 years of experience and accomplishing his goals in the year 1995, he began a new journey and established the firm DP Cotton.
With an increase in potential market demand and growth of DP cotton, Soon Mr Dharmendra Jain joined his dad in year 1996 with a wider vision of the overall business expansion. In the mid-90s there was no stopping for cotton industry in India, He mainly focused on taking the business all over India, improve the trading of DP cotton and cover the maximum cotton market in the shorter period of time. In the limited time with the experience of our core management team, the DP cotton had made its impression in the Indian cotton Industry.
3 Years later Mr Sandip Jain, youngest in the family joined the business with the goal to take the company into an international market. Initially, he explored the Asian market and in the year 2004-05 the company developed its market in countries like China Pakistan Bangladesh Vietnam. Over the years we've started importing cotton bails from America, Austrailia, Brazil, and West Africa. In the last 3 years, DP cotton has attained greater heights in cross trading of cotton.
In 2017 it was a proud moment for the DP cotton as the member from the third generation Mr Shrey Jain son of Dharmendra Jain was ready to diversify the business in his own way. Over the years of achievement and huge legacy of the DP cotton come on the younger one. In the digital transforming world, he aims to make all the business process smooth and maintain crystal clear transparency with the clients by intervening technology. Mr Shrey Jain emphasis on the prompt customer support and improve the customer experience.